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Sometimes getting to the next step just takes support and accountability from someone who has been there!

Since a young age, strangers have seemed drawn to me to spill their soul and tell me things they’ve “never told anyone before” I consider my listening skills and empathy to be my gifts to share. All the stereotypes are true, as a nail tech for eleven years I’ve heard women’s deepest secrets and biggest dreams. I’ve learned to be an amazing sounding board, professional bullshit meter, and know how to ask impactful questions to lead you to discovering and knowing yourself. Since my nail table can only accommodate a small number of women a day, and is limited to Columbus, Ohio, the challenge was increasing my ability to empower women and build relationships around the world without a nail file in my hand: that’s when the Good Vibes Hive was born! I realized that women feel like they need permission to live their best life, I’m here as both an example and the permission to pursue your dreams. In today’s world of instant gratification and “busy is the new beautiful” mentality I give you the tools to slow down, turn inward and listen to the wise, wild woman within!



I know you, you're the woman who has big ideas, who knows what the life she should be living looks like, but just can't seem to find the time or the motivation to make it happen. Maybe you get all excited about a new venture only to talk yourself out of it because there is already something similar out there, or you're not an "expert", or you don't know if your plans will work out.

I know you very well because I used to be you. I always dreamed of owning my own business, specifically a nail salon. It wasn't until I had run someone else's salon, watched them make hundreds of thousands of dollars, and been a nail technician for 10 years that I felt I was "experienced enough" or "deserved" to run my own salon. TEN YEARS! Do you know what happened when I finally left to do my own thing? I was immediately successful.

Within my first year of business I:

  • Doubled my salary from the place before

  • Got a job offer from The Aveda Institute to run their nail program

  • Freelanced on a photo shoot for a major international fashion brand

  • Launched my second business, Good Vibes Hive Intention Candles

  • Bought my dream home

Sometimes all it takes to make the leap is the support an encouragement of someone who has been there before and a little magic!

Who doesn’t need a little more magic in their life?! Harness the power of your Spirit Guides, and a few bossbabe-worthy woo woo tools to help you achieve your goals in a totally magical way!

What will you get with The One on One Text Mentorship package?

  • A Discovery Q&A where we get clear on your goals, opportunities, and challenges

  • Weekly goal setting sessions where we'll break down what you want to accomplish into achievable steps, with detailed information emailed directly to you

  • Unlimited access to me Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 9am-9pm via text

  • Personalized support to help you live the life you know you're meant for

  • A seven card tarot reading combined with the initial discovery Q&A

  • An intuitively chosen crystal and energy clearing starter kit, selected to support your goals shipped to you

  • A tarot card pulled at the beginning of each week to give insight for the challenges and opportunities of that week ahead

  • Goal setting that includes harnessing the power of spiritual tools and rituals

  • Personalized New Moon rituals to amplify your intentions

Don’t worry if you’re “new to the woo”, as a certified crystal healing practitioner and New Age Spirituality guru, I’m here to support you every step of the way, and make all of the information completely easy and accessible!

Why text and email?

I find that written communication can be more thoughtful and intentional than phone calls and Skype sessions. When you have the opportunity to get clear on you answers as you are typing them your responses are more authentic. Plus, everything is there for your records, to look back at and absorb whenever you need to. This mentorship is PERFECT for introverts!


One Month of Magic 1:1 Mentorship: $500: Four weeks of text mentorship, with weekly goal setting sessions and 144 hours of personal access to me! Additionally, one seven card tarot spread, 3 supporting card pulls, an intuitively chosen crystal kit, and a personalized New Moon ritual.

Three Months of Magic 1:1 Mentorship: $1200 upfront (save $300!): Twelve weeks of text mentorship, with weekly goal setting sessions and 432 hours of personal access to me! Additionally, two seven card tarot spreads (one in the first week, one in the final week), 11 supporting card pulls, an intuitively chosen crystal kit, and 3 personalized New Moon rituals.

Six Months of Magic 1:1 Mentorship: $2500 upfront (save $500! That’s like getting a whole month FREE!): 24 weeks of text mentorship, with weekly goal setting sessions and 864 hours of personal access to me! Additionally, three seven card tarot spreads (one in the first week, one at the end of three months, one at the end of six months), 23 supporting card pulls, an intuitively chosen crystal kit, and 6 personalized New Moon rituals.

Questions about the Magic Mentorship? Feeling on the fence about signing up? I’d be happy to chat to help you decide if I’m a good fit to support you on your journey to life your best life!


Mindset Makeover Bootcamp

Success is a state of mind. If you know anything about manifesting, you know you can't attract a positive outcome with a negative mindset. It's easy to get into a mindset where you don't think you deserve abundance, or that you should be an expert before even starting something new. Trust me, I know exactly how you feel because it took me 10 years of making other people successful before I felt like I was "ready" to make my own success. Once I did, I realized I was "ready" years ago.

It wasn't until I did the personal work, changed my mindset and habits, that I started attracting success and abundance.

Want to take your business to the next level?

Stuck in a less than ideal career and want something more fulfilling?

Know your life could be more abundant but don't even know where to start?

This Mindset Makeover Bootcamp is for you!

Here's Just a Few Things We'll Cover Over the Course of 4 Weeks:

  • How to address your fears and challenges, and move past them

  • Techniques to raise your vibration and maintain a positive mindset

  • Increasing your own power of manifestation

  • How to get clear on your personal and professional goals

  • The power and importance of a positive mindset

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In Person Workshops

Think your clients, friends and/or employees would benefit from a in person workshop with me? Perfect for yoga studios, women's empowerment groups, and business team building. Contact me for booking details!